The holiday season is here and to celebrate we’re giving free trial users the ability to create, copy, and share unlimited docents through December 4th. Normally you can only create 5 docents at a time with the free trial. With all of the excitement, time off from school, extra stress, and a few absences we thought this would be a great way to say thank you to all of the hard working educators.

Make your life a little easier by putting instructions, video, and questions into a digital lesson you already use. Or, even easier, use one of these teacher made docents.

Ready to go Sub Lessons

What happens to my docents and student responses after this promotion?

All docents created during the promotion can still be used by the teacher and their students. Any student responses are still accessible as well. After this promotion has ended your account will revert back to a free trial unless you purchase a subscription. If you created more than 5 docents you will not be able create more unless you delete them or purchase a subscription.

Can I invite co-teachers during this promotion?

YES! Share with your colleagues and collaborate on new innovative lessons. DocentEDU is used by teachers in all subject areas and most grade levels.

DocentEDU is great, I want to keep creating more. How much does it cost?

DocentEDU is only $40 per teacher for a year. There is no limit on students, classes, or docents.

If you have any questions or feedback about this update, send them to us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.