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Google Integration


Chromebook or browser, our extension follows students wherever they log in, making setup simple.


Share directly to Google Classroom. Import and sync class rosters, even send final scores to Classroom.

Google Docs

Enhance published Google Docs with videos and interactive content. Turn digital worksheets into a richer learning experience.

Google Sign-In

Teachers and Students sign in with their School’s Google Account. No need to remember another password!


Insert YouTube videos at the right moment in the text. Differentiate and help students stay focused on the learning.


Protected behind Google’s sign-in, student data is private and only accessible to their teacher.

What Educators are Saying

An extension that promotes critical thinking, yet can also differentiate with lower functioning students? Yes please. Thank you @InsertLearning

Embedding content within a website with @InsertLearning keeps students on task and helps prevent them from going down the rabbit hole #gafesummit

This has transformed my planning and my lessons. I have found that I find myself planning lessons with greater depth, and with InsertLearning's interactive lessons, my students have found the lessons more engaging.

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Unlimited Students

No need to guess how many students you’ll have during the school year.

Unlimited Lessons

The Internet is limitless and you have a lot of topics to teach, that’s why you get unlimited lessons.

Support and Training

We want to empower you to make amazing lessons. Personal support and training is included.