Our Google Classroom integration has been very popular, and today we just launched a significant improvement to how you share docents to Google Classroom.

Here are a couple screenshots:

That looks pretty familiar. Let’s click that bottom button.

Woah, that’s different! What’s this mean?

First, as the image suggests, you can share to multiple classes (or sections) in Google Classroom at the same time. This was highly requested from teachers, so we’re happy to deliver.

Second, which is less apparent from the image, a lot of things “just work” now. Assign to classes first in DocentEDU and they’ll be pre-selected if you decide to share to Google Classroom. Or if you go the other way and share to Classroom right away, the docent will automatically be assigned to the proper classes in DocentEDU. Want to share to Classroom but haven’t imported the class yet? No problem! DocentEDU will prompt you to import it as soon as you select it.

This update is part one of three for our Google Classroom integration. The next two are syncing rosters and syncing grades. Our timeline for those updates is about two weeks for each part. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the improved Share to Google Classroom via email, Facebook, or Twitter.