We are excited to announce that DocentEDU is a finalist for the Minnesota Cup in the general division. The Minnesota cup is such a prestigious competition, and we were more than excited to be semi-finalists. Finding out that we are finalists is such wonderful news.

As part of being finalists, we are thankful and appreciative of the extra mentoring and coaching that we will receive from the program. We know that every piece of advice that we get can help us become a better company.

As part of being finalists in our division, we will give the judges another presentation along with the other two finalists. Then, if we win our division (fingers crossed), we will get a prize of $30,000 to use to get DocentEDU off the ground even sooner than planned. We also then would get to compete against the other division winners for a chance at $50,000.

Money or not, we are using this opportunity to make and build a great business that we know will positively impact teaching and learning in every classroom in which DocentEDU is used.