you hear that? That’s the sound of DocentEDU’s future rushing towards you.


There’s so much to update since our last post, but we want to let you know of several main things:

  • The Alpha version will be tested this fall
  • You can sign up to be a Beta tester this winter
  • We added a new team member, Ben Pedersen as a programmer
  • We were lucky enough to be invited to present at EdTech Venture Day with Golden Angel Investors in Milwaukee, Wisonsin

As per point three, we want to welcome Ben onto the team. Ben is an awesome programmer who has tons of startup programming experience. He also has a degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota, so that’s helpful. : ) Ben has been working so hard to get Docent some great new features!


As a result of adding Ben on the team, we will be ready to roll out an Alpha version for testing to a select group of about 50 teachers this school year. The features that will be available in the alpha will be:

  • Highlights
  • Comments
  • Sticky Notes
  • Questions
  • Discussions
  • Assigning to students and classes


We will take the feedback from our Alpha testing and roll that into our Beta version for this winter. If you want to be part of our Beta testing, please contact us! We are looking for great, enthusiastic teachers who want a simple way to bring engaging and relevant online content to their students.

Finally, we were so flattered and excited to present to the Golden Angel Investor group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We got to present alongside some amazing companies who already have millions in funding, and were so lucky to have such a great opportunity. It was wonderful meeting all of the other EdTech founders and picking their brains about how to start a great company that will positively impact education.  We also really appreciated all the great advice and help we got from Tim from Golden Angel Investors as well.